Google Workspace [Questions 6]

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is the Business/Enterprise version of Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet and more.

You connect your business domain to it so you can send and receive email in a professional manner, and create a login for each of your staff members.

With Google Drive you can save all of your documentation and information in a place that you can control the visibility and access of data, plus make it available on any platform at anytime, anywhere.

Google Meet is an easy to use online meeting tool with no installation necessary, runs in your browser. Participants don't even need to have a Google account!

Can I cancel Google Workspace at any time?

No. Your contract with Google is for a 12 month commitment. Even if you pay monthly you are committed to 12 months.

How do I get started with Google Workspace?

You can choose a package and sign up from the Google Workspace page.

If you are not confident with domain names and email, then we highly recommend you take our concierge set up option!

Where are the Google Workspace Terms & Conditions
I run multiple businesses – do I need separate accounts?

Businesses take many forms and having multiple domain names, brands or separate businesses is common. Google Workspace allows you to connect several domains into the one account so you can send email from any of them, and the recipient will know no different. You can also divide up your staff into those brands (called Organisational Units) and provide different settings and access levels for each brand.
The benefit of this is having the ability to wear multiple business hats but keep control over your business without having multiple logins and subscriptions.

What are my support options?

All of our Google Workspace customers get access to the following:

  • Professional support from our Google Certified Collaboration Engineers
  • Assistance with adding and deleting users when required
  • Updating of groups, changing of members, updating email aliases
  • Ticket based support during business hours
  • Free Google Workspace 101 training
  • Access to hints and tips via our newsletter and YouTube channel
  • DNS configuration and domain management

If you have a direct issue and need one to one support you can book a Google Workspace Problem Buster session for $150

If your team is larger or you have specific requirements you can check out our Google Workspace Care Plans